Djembe Rhythms  -  Djembe Lessons
Learn how to play the Djembe DVD
  1. This DVD is ideal for beginners and improvers alike!
  2. Beginners can learn the fundamental hand movements  and basic techniques of sounding the drum that lead to good Djembe drumming.
  3. More experienced drummers will find some original rhythms and cross rhythms that will challenge you and build your repertoire.
  4. No long tedious talking heads!
  5. Contains over 30 rhythms, variations and cross rhythms.
  6. A step by step approach that builds up complex rhythms bit by bit so people don’t get lost in a blur of hands.
  7. Left handed on-screen playing makes an easy to follow mirror image for right handers.
  8. The product of over 10 year of teaching Djembe.
  9. All these rhythms are built on fundamental hand patterns that will groove your hands to move in the right way.
  10.  Most of these rhythms have variations and cross rhythms so you can play sweet multi-layered music with your drumming buddies.
  11. NTSC all regions. 70 mins. running time.
  12. Contents:
  13. Fundamental techniques and hand patterns.
 Rhythms,with cross rhythms and variations:
Kuku                                Swamp
Landuma                         Tin Ka Din
Masacote                        Maria
Gambian Remix              Lamba
Fume Funk                      Folafolaton  
Learn to Play the Djembe DVD
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